Do you feel more stressed than you usually do?

Do you wish you could make decisions faster?

Do you feel you’ve made mistakes and worry about making them again?

Indecision costs time. The wrong decision can cost you money and mistakes can mean you doubt yourself. A trusted outside perspective is often what you need to see clearly and speed ahead.

I have spent 30 years helping high achievers like you achieve success faster and easier. My faster processing speed, intuition, if you like, means I can get quickly to the root of the problem and help you make decisions faster. I help you see past your blocks, show you what you’re not seeing so you get the success you want – faster and easier.

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“I had struggled for 3 months over a decision to make a 5 figure investment. In 20 minutes Phil helped me to make the decision and see exactly what I needed to do to make it work.”

Allen Imbarrato, President, KiBiz Systems Inc, Los Angeles

“Phil’s intuition is so accurate that I feel he has known me my whole life.”

Liz Baron Cohen, Director of Urban Bliss London.

“I’d lost my mojo, felt completely flat and was panicking about my work. Phil helped me see I wasn’t a failure but I had lost my way and needed a new plan. I came away feeling totally fired up and focused.”

Jamie Simpson, DJ Producer, Berlin